The Island

The Island

An ode to the Robert Louis Stevenson swashbuckler, Treasure Island is one of the Bay’s last hideaways. It’s also technically a San Francisco neighborhood. We’re sure somebody lives here, but it feels more hospitable to spirits than people.

Our Space

We like to think of it as the Officer’s Quarters: an old Navy brig brimming with fellow spirit-slingers (some of the finest indie moonshiners in the Bay Area, in fact). It’s down, it’s dirty, and it suits us well. It’s also drafty. When you visit, bring your SF fleece.


If not a miracle, then Treasure Island is a man-made spectacle, plunked down as it was in the middle of the Bay for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition. The World's Fair site is now a California Historical Landmark, while the naval station and auxiliary air facility are still in use. By the actual Navy.

Stock Room

We ask you this: who doesn’t want a whale tank top? Nobody, that’s who. Head over to the stock room and get yourself outfitted and ready to sail.



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