Handcrafted on San Francisco’s Treasure Island

Our Whiskey

Double Barrel Rye

Our Double Barrel Rye Whiskey starts with grains grown in California’s Central Valley. The grains are brought to our distilling partner’s facility on San Francisco’s Treasure Island where they’re milled, mashed, and fermented in a pot still. 

The whiskey is then aged in virgin char five Hoffmeister American oak barrels for at least two years, resulting in a true California grain-to-glass whiskey with a youthful, full-bodied flavor, hints of brown spices, vanilla, cherry tree bark, and molasses.

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Old Corn

Our first batch of Old Corn is a 100% corn whiskey that has been aged for 8 years in charred oak barrels and is blended in small batches of 2000 bottles or less. Each batch goes through a two stage distillation process utilizing a column and a copper-lined pot.

Our take on a classic bourbon style whiskey, Old Corn boasts subtle notes of toasted wood and caramel and has a rich honeyed finish. Perfect in and old fashioned or with ginger beer, each bottle is crafted to warm the discriminating palate.

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Batch #5 Rye

Batch #5 is a blend of five-year rye and eight to nine-year corn whiskey, a portion of which was finished in Hoffmeister char 1 barrels. For this batch, we also lowered the proof to 90 which keeps the alcohol from overwhelming the palate, while bringing the flavor-forward when enjoyed neat or in a cocktail.

The rye gives the whiskey a sweet and spicy character with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and molasses. The corn rounds out the palate with sweet overtones, extending the finish.

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Our Story

An ode to the Robert Louis Stevenson swashbuckler, Treasure Island is one of the Bay’s last hideaways and is home to Bender’s Whiskey Co. It’s also technically a San Francisco neighborhood. We’re sure somebody lives here, but it feels more hospitable to spirits than people.

About Us

We launched Bender’s in 2013 with an initial offering of just over 1000 bottles of rye in the Bay Area. Now we’re proud to stock our own liquor cabinets and those of some of our favorite bars and bottles shops across the country.

Christopher Cohen

Christopher owns a set of superhuman taste buds. Our resident alchemist, he’s responsible for the flavor in every bottle, and the daring in each batch. It takes perfectionism, creativity and connections to craft a great whiskey, and Christopher has all of them in spades–he’s been working in food, wine and spirits for over 20 years. That depth of experience is part of what draws him to old whiskeys; he knows first-hand what a few more years spent knocking around the barrels can bring. His goal for every batch of Bender’s is to create an experience that satisfies not just the senses, but the spirit. Always with a wicked sense of humor and a signature kick of spice.

Carl Bender

Carl possesses the number one most important qualification for getting into the whiskey business: he’s obsessed with whiskey. You can feel the love in every moment of Bender’s, whether you’re sipping it neat from a hand-blown tumbler, catching the wink of a bottle on the shelf, or suddenly craving a sea-faring journey. In building the brand, Carl channels the maritime spirit of our home on Treasure Island, along with the salty water that surrounds it–he’s been learning how to sail and surf. 

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Whether you’re looking to carry Bender’s in your establishment or you’re just saying hi, we look forward to raising a glass together.

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Bender’s Whiskey Co.

750 6th Street
Treasure Island
San Francisco, CA 94130

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