Bender’s Rye


Batch 6 is a limited release that celebrates our 10th year in business and has a unique approach to aging that creates a whiskey you won’t find anywhere else. Atypical to a category that usually ages in char 3 barrels, batch 6 is aged in char 5 barrels giving this batch a more unique, robust, and full-bodied flavor.

A blend of both five year rye and five year corn whiskey, batch 6 is crafted to warm the discriminating palate. The rye gives the whiskey a spicy character with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and molasses. The corn rounds out the pallet with sweet overtones extending the finish.


Batch #6 Size
3200 Bottles
Years Aged
5 Years
Mash Bill
52% 5 Year Rye / 48% 5 Year Corn
90 Proof / 45% ABV
Distillation Process
Column distillation / Copper lined pot distillation with repeated rectification
Barrels Used
Rye: Virgin Hoffmeister Char 5 Barrels / Corn: 1 Year old Bourbon Barrels

Our Barrels

The oak barrels we use for aging are handmade by Joe Hoffmeister at Hoffmeister Barrelworks in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. They're made from virgin American Oak milled in Missouri and are toasted over an open burning fire without using propane or natural gas.