Our Story

We launched Bender’s in 2013 figuring that if we failed, at least we’d have our own lifetime supply. Now we’re proud to stock our own liquor cabinets and those of some of our favorite spots.

The Island

An ode to the Robert Louis Stevenson swashbuckler, Treasure Island is one of the Bay’s last hideaways and is home to Bender’s Whiskey Co. It’s also technically a San Francisco neighborhood. We’re sure somebody lives here, but it feels more hospitable to spirits than people.

About Us

You might call us negotiants. We often work with world class distillers then age whiskey to get the profiles we’re looking for, or source it from the best barrels in Canada and the US.

Christopher Cohen

Christopher owns a set of superhuman taste buds. Our resident alchemist, he’s responsible for the flavor in every bottle, and the daring in each batch. It takes perfectionism, creativity and connections to craft a great whiskey, and Christopher has all of them in spades–he’s been working in food, wine and spirits for over 20 years. That depth of experience is part of what draws him to old whiskeys; he knows first-hand what a few more years spent knocking around the barrels can bring. His goal for every batch of Bender’s is to create an experience that satisfies not just the senses, but the spirit. Always with a sense of humor and a signature kick of spice.

Carl Bender

Carl possesses one of the most important qualification for getting into the whiskey business: he’s obsessed with whiskey. You can feel the love in every moment of Bender’s, whether you’re sipping it neat, catching the wink of a bottle on the shelf, or suddenly craving a sea-faring journey. In building the brand, Carl channels the maritime spirit of our home on Treasure Island along with the salty water that surrounds it.

Bender's Apparel

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