Bender’s Wheat


Bender’s Wheat is a complex yet accessible 100% wheat whiskey that’s produced on San Francisco’s Treasure Island.

Our take on a classic Irish style whiskey, our wheat whiskey has subtle notes of vanilla and stone fruit with a rich honeyed finish. Coming in at a lower proof than is typical for Bender’s, our wheat whiskey is perfect with Ginger Ale, sipped neat, or as a celebratory shot with friends and family.

Bender’s Wheat is a youthful, full-bodied, and easy to drink whiskey crafted to warm the discriminating palate and lighten the soul.


Batch #1 Size
3200 Bottles
Years Aged
3 Years
Mash Bill
100% Wheat
84 Proof / 42% ABV
Distillation Process
Column distillation / Copper lined pot distillation with repeated rectification
Barrels Used
1 Year old Bourbon Barrels

Our Barrels

The oak barrels we use for aging are handmade by Joe Hoffmeister at Hoffmeister Barrelworks in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. They're made from virgin American Oak milled in Missouri and are toasted over an open burning fire without using propane or natural gas.